I am a Senior Survey Analytics Analyst at YouGov. Prior to my current position, I received my PhD in Political Science from Vanderbilt University, where I was an affiliate of the Research on Individuals, Politics, and Society Lab and the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

My research is broadly about how partisan group identities affect political behavior. I have two main research programs. The first focuses on partisan inter-group conflict; in particular, I identify a dangerous form of extreme affective polarization - partisan dehumanization, and study its origins and consequences. My second set of research projects focuses on partisan intra-group conflict; more specificaly, how partisan social norms differ between parties and how those norms affect things like candidate selection and social interactions between party members. My work has been published in Political Behavior and has received media coverage from the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, The Atlantic, and on Vox’s podcast The Weeds.

Methodologically, my research uses surveys and experiments, computational methods like web scraping and text analysis, observational methods like regression discontinuity, and some qualitative interviews.