In my spare time, I enjoy building R packages. Some of them are useful, some of them… not so much.

anesr: Easy access to ANES data in R

The American National Election Studies are one of the most important sources of data for political scientists. anesr provides easy access to ANES data for R users. anesr includes tidy versions of all ANES pilot and time series studies as compact, rda objects. Once the package is installed and loaded, any dataset can be accessed using the data() function. anesr also includes documentation for some studies in tidy format. Documentation files include descriptions, coding, and marginals or summary statistics for all variables in the dataset.

debates: Tidy presidential debate transcripts

debates provides easy access to debate transcripts from Presidential, Vice Presidential, and primary candidate debates. The current version includes Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate transcripts starting in 1960, and for most debates from the 2012, 2016, and 2020 primary elections. debates includes one dataset, debate_transcripts, as a compact rda object. Once the package is installed and loaded, the dataset can be loaded using the data() function. debate_transcripts includes speaker-level and debate-level data. Each row in debate_transcripts represents one statement. Along with the text of the statement, each row includes the speaker’s name and an indicator variable that identifies whether or not the speaker is a candidate (as opposed to being a moderator, an announcer, or someone asking a question). Each row also indicates the date, location, and type of debate. To suggest additional fields, please open an issue.

drumr: Turn R into a drum machine

drumr allows you to play drum beats from within R. At present the package contains only two functions – beat(), which plays a beat from a given kit and drum, and tempo(), which sets the spacing between beats.

nhldata: Easy access to basic NHL data in R

nhldata contains three datasets provided by Corsica Hockey and Natural Stat Trick:

shotplot: Scrape and plot NHL shot location data

shotplot contains functions to help easily visualize NHL shot location data. geom_shotplot() wraps geom_point() and includes a standard NHL rink as a background image. scrape_shots() uses the NHL API to get coordinates, shot type, shooting player, and shooting player’s team from a given range of seasons.